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Week 1

We started the week with a team meeting on Monday to review the game and to determine our next steps. The team has decided to try and make a robot that does the scale, switch, vault, and climbs. (For those of you that haven't seen the game video, a the link has been added below so you can view it.)

The rest of the week has been dedicated to making prototypes of the different types of manipulators we will need for this year's game. One group of students is working on the main "elevator" for raising and lower the power cubes. Another group is prototyping a "gripper" for the power cubes. Some of the students have also started putting together the drive-train we will be using this year. The programming team is working on updating software and computers.

We also have a group of students that have started working on our marketing. They are busy building a new website, a Facebook page, and Snapchat. They have also been working on the new logo for this year that will be used on the t-shirts and buttons.

The schedule for next week is:

Monday: 10-2

Tuesday 3:30-6:30

Wednesday: 3:30-6:30

Thursday: 3:30-6:30

Link to this year's game animation:

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