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Week 6

The students should be proud of the robot that was completed and ready to test today. Yes, a few things didn't go as planned, but that is why we do this Zero Week event. We learn from our mistakes and make changes. The students have some work to do before we can "Bag and Tag" the robot Tuesday night, but it's nothing out of the norm. ("Bag and Tag" is just that. We have a giant bag we put the robot in by Tuesday night at 10:59 and time stamp it with a locking tag.) There have been years in the past that we have had to rebuild a robot in this amount of time. Not this year, just changes.

Parents should be proud of the work and time their students have put into this years robot. Everyone on the team has worked hard this build season. All students have done something to help with this year's robot. Some built. Some programmed. Some marketed. Some did electrical work. Some helped where they could. Everyone has had a hand in building this robot.

Schedule for the rest of the robot building season:

Sunday: 12-4

Monday: 10-4

Tuesday: 3:30-10:59 or earlier (Bag and Tag)

We will be meeting a few times between "Bag and Tag" night and our regional at Duluth. ( We all may need a few days to regroup.) We have to have a team meeting about safety and behavior at Duluth and also get our "Pit" ready for Duluth. There's still work to do.


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