Season Update

The season is off to a great start. For those parents that don't know what this year's game is, I have included a link to the video we watched last weekend up in Becker. It's going to be an interesting season.

Link to this year's game video:

2020 Game Intro

The students have been busy and I'm sure I am missing some things that have happened over the past few weeks. The students have a great design and are busy making a prototype of the robot. This year's robot is going to look very different from ones in the past few years. The students are working on an intake for the yellow balls that will then be indexed and feed into a shooter for the high goal. The group has a mock up of the manipulator we will be using climb at the end and a manipulator to spin the wheel and stop on the correct color. The programmers are busy learning the ins and outs of the programming needs with the new FALCON motors and the LIMELIGHT vision camera we have this year. Some of the students in the preseason have this year's t-shirt design almost done.


We have talked about the deadline for when the final robot should be done. This is going to be a year where driving is key. The students agreed to have the final robot done and ready by the end of week 5. This will give the drivers and programmers time to fine tune the robot before Zero Week at Centennial and Eden Prairie.

With that being said I feel we need to put in a little extra time to make sure we meet this goal. The plan is to have a "all day" build earlier than later in the season. On Saturday February 1st we will work from 10-4 I wanted to get this date out so we can get as many students as possible.

Other dates to think about:

Saturday build 2/1/20

Duluth fee due 2/13/20

Zero week event at Irondale High School 2/15/20

Zero week event at Eden Prairie High School 2/16/20